November 6, 2010

Chiddy Bang - Dancing with the DJ

At a party we had last weekend the song that ended up on repeat most of the night was The Knocks - Dancing with the DJ. The track is perfect for loud jams, you can't have a bad time listening to it. Everyone ends up feeling the groovy futurepop sound and wants to hear it again and again. It got pretty out of hand but I didn't know Xaphoon and Proto stopped by, because a week later, another fresh Chiddy Bang remix floated it's way into the straight goods household sampling the very track. If you like the original just wait until you hear this remix as Xaphoon and Proto get right into it. I find that I'm listening to the production of these songs just as much as the lyrics, and Chiddy is always on point in both categories.

The Knocks - Dancing with the DJ (Chiddy Bang remix)

The original:
The Knocks- Dancing with the DJ

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