November 21, 2010

Emilio Rojas- Life Without Shame

Emilio Rojas has finally dropped his mixtape "Life Without Shame" and has not disappointed. Being produced by Green Lantern you have to struggle through the random DJ yelling that unfortunately happens on mix-tapes, other than that the projects got a couple bangers. One of my favorites is "Tell No Lies" featuring B.o.B which features a pretty simple but dope beat. Emilio has one of the quickest flows I've heard in a while, which allows him to spit over such a variety of instrumentals. The man has obviously has talent and I wouldn't be surprised if he blew up at some point soon.

p.s Green Lantern shuuuut up and stop ruining songs

Tell No Lies-Emilio Rojas

Close To Me-Emilio Rojas

This is the song that got me instantly hooked on Rojas... nasty flow

Runaway-Emilio Rojas

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