November 7, 2010

Big Sean - Too Fake. Ft Chiddy Bang (Produced by Xaphoon Jones)

I'm posting the video for a Big Sean/Chiddy track that came out a minute ago just because of the great sample they use in it. Hockey's song "Too Fake" is another indie gem that has been uncovered, already by RAC, and now Chiddy Bang (Xaphoon). When a song is good, it's good, and it can and is used across genres by producers, cover artists, DJs, that pick up on it. Sometimes it's just a matter of the song being translated to the right genre before it gets it's widespread appeal. Trust your ear, stick by your definition of good music.

"Everybody's watching, but nobody cares,
oh wait does it go,
nobody's watching but everybody cares?"

Hockey - Too Fake (RAC Remix)

Hockey - Too Fake

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