November 17, 2010

Introducing: Yonas- "Nobody Else"

My first interaction with Hip-Hop was Tupac, as I grew I found my self liking less gangsta and more positive rap. Not that I didn't like getting a little gangsta on occasion but growing up listening to artists like Common and Talib Kweli I eventually came accustomed to lyrics involving a variety of topics. Bitches and Hoe's are great but one topic that all three often covered was the relationships they had with their female counterparts. "Nobody Else" features a beat that sounds amazingly similar to something Tupac would of rapped over in the 90's.  Yonas takes us through the relationship he has with a lady friend and why he needs her. The first song I heard from him was "Ya'll Know" which is pretty hood but i feel "Nobody Else" shows a different side and proves his lyrical ability... enjoy

Nobody Else- Yonas

Ya'll Know- Yonas 

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