November 17, 2010

Much Music Post

For the most part, Much Music programming consists of sub-par, underfunded reality tv, along with angsty teen dramas. 1% of the time they play a show called Video Flow where Much Music actually plays music videos, and surprisingly they're representing some pretty solid music. Sure there's a lot of top 40 crap like Taio Cruz, Enrique, etc, but every few songs, something decent comes on and in the past weeks I've found a couple of sweet songs. I'm probably not introducing you to any new artists but these singles are quality jams.

First Up, the latest single/video from Brit Pop stars The Ting Tings. This song, Hands, features a driving drum beat coupled with snowboard video style synths topped off with Katie White's unbelievably catchy vocals. It's impossible not to feel this one.

The Ting Tings - Hands

Next, in the Indie/Pop category is The Drum's addicting single Let's Go Surfing. This one has one of those incredibly simple guitar riffs that are the most boring things to play, but manage to carry a song perfectly. Grab your skinny jeans and wayfarers kids:

The Drums - Let's Go Surfing

Third, heard this collab between electro artist Kaskade and Canadian New Wave/Synthpop group Dragonette. Dragonette singer Martina Sorbara sounds sexy as hell on this one, I'd lose it if I heard this song at the bar, which will probably never happen.

Kaskade ft. Dragonette - Fire In Your New Shoes

Last but definitely not least, another collaboration, this time between Neverending White Lights who you may (or may not) know from a song they did with Dallas Green a few years ago, and rapper JDiggz. I can't remember why but I had JDiggz written off in my head, maybe because he has a random 'z' in his name, that usually tips me off to mediocrity. Regardless, this one came pretty damn close to being its own post after I dug into it a bit but laziness got me. This Time is a bit of an moody song thanks to NWL but it comes out nicely. It's off his latest mixtape the X-Periment (why couldn't we just go with experiment??) which I just downloaded it and it sounds likes its got a few good tunes and features help from Colin Munroe on vocals and production, get it here if you're down with zip files. Don't think the whole tape is like This Time, its got a lot of variety. Toronto goes hard???

JDiggz ft. Neverending While Lights

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