November 16, 2010

Girltalk releases All Day

Yesterday (Today?) morning Girl Talk has released his next album for free from his label's site, Illegal Art. This album came out spontaneously, which suited Girl Talk's style perfectly. This album will definitely keep you entertained for a while, it features 372 overlapping samples over 12 tracks. The full list of samples can be found here. The album is actually intended to be listened as 71 minutes of continuous music, almost making it too easy to throw on at a party and forget about it. I find that I like this type of music best in small doses although it is very hard to get bored listening to Girl Talk's ADD fashion. I found this EP in particular to be much more of a complete album than he usually ends up producing, as his transitions and flow just keeps getting better. There has been such a large response for this download that the servers on the labels' website have crashed.

Girl Talk - That's Right

Girl Talk - Triple Double

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