December 19, 2010

"All I Wanna Do Is Sip My Brew And Party"... New Grynch

Exams are done for me and my Seattle connects are helping define my life for the next week or so. Grynch is back at work with a new feel good track "All I Wanna Do" which basically states what I will be doing with my Christmas break. Seattle's been pretty quite as of late which is pretty disappointing for my musical listening but thankfully Grynch is holding his city up with another vibed out track. The mans flow is always smooth and this chorus is just too catchy to look past, so crack a brew put the feet up and vibe out.

The track also features fellow Seattle rapper Sol who I have never heard of but will defiantly be exploring in the near future. 

Grynch- All I Wanna Do  

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