December 1, 2010

Canadian Talent: Cadence Weapon featuring Shad- Baby I'm Yours

The always classic Shad has recently been found featuring on fellow Canadian Cadence Weapon's track "Baby I'm Yours". Edmonton native Cadence himself has a pretty choppy flow but when the beat fits his style its pretty damn sick. The beat for "Baby I'm Yours" uses a lot of live sounding instrumentals which Shad is infamous for. The track sounds great laced with some sick rhymes from both Shad and Cadence. I feel like this style of rap is directly related to Canadian artists, which makes me proud to rock that maple leaf. Weapon's mix tape "Tron Legacy: The Mixtape" as whole is kinda crazy and he often goes off on rants about who knows what but there's defiantly a couple gems. "The Suburbs" although short speaks to the many suburban gangsters throughout Canadian cities. As a proud Suburban G I've gotta bump this track... enjoy

Baby I'm Yours- Cadence Weapon Featuring Shad 

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