December 8, 2010

Deadmau5 Featuring Neon Hitch- I Can't Behave Myself

Its been a while since i've posted a non-hip-hop song on Straight Goods, but exam time has forced me to all time high's in procrastination. As I sit isolated in my study corral I desperately look for a reason to think about something not related to school. This brings me to one of my favorite past times, and that's havin' a time. One requirement of havin' a time is some catchy electro tunes. "I Can't Behave Myself" is a re-mastered pop version of Deadmau5's "A City In Florida" That features British singer Neon Hitch, who not only sounds sexy but is also awesome on the eyes. These British girls have the coolest style to their voices and are currently being exploited by electro artists everywhere. This song is catchy as hell and makes me wanna lose the study notes for a while and jam this tune.

Deadmau5 Featuring Neon Hitch- I Can't Behave Myself

1 comment:

  1. IT'S A REMASTERED POP VERSION OF "SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY" NOT "A CITY IN FLORIDA"!!! If you're gonna write the article, know what you're talking about. Just as an F.Y.I. "A City In Florida" is a remastered version of "Paco Di Bango's World(Deadmau5 Remix)".

    You're welcome.