December 3, 2010

Exam Season Playlist

Another semester is pretty much done here at school, and except for exams were practically on vacation. As we get ready to hit the library to cram for these finals sometimes the only thing that can get me to focus is a steady stream of music that can keep me in the zone for hours. For the last few weeks I've been putting together a playlist for this coming exam season, and with case exams and essays taking up my time I've been able to fully test it out. As the playcount on the list reaches 50+ I think I've figured out a consistent list to study to. I find that the perfect kind of music for concentrating is a delicate balance between songs that are stimulating enough to keep you awake, while not being too distracting from your work. There are many people who will only study to instrumental or classical music, but I think that having a blend of different genres helps to keep you aroused while still staying focused on your book learnin. Personally I don't mind this time of year, it's a nice change of pace from having to wake up for classes, and it's a good chance to listen to some quality music.

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