December 18, 2010

Introducing: Sia

Lately I've been getting into Sia, an Australian singer songwriter with a powerful voice and eclectic taste. Sia falls into the category of jazz styled pop, but that makes her sound much more normal than she really is. Sia is actually a very quirky individual, and that's what I like about her. The music she releases reflects her personality perfectly, as she has been known to counter the bland pop that consistently saturates the radio waves. This approach may mean that you might not like everything she puts out, but she's probably got a couple of gems that fit your preference if your willing to look. The songs I've been giving the most play by Sia come off her latest album, We Are Born, which just came out this past summer. When reading up on Sia I found out that she has also provided the vocals for some tracks by Zero 7, a downtempo, laidback electro duo. I had the song destiny by Zero 7 on my tunes already, and it makes it that much better knowing who's on the mic.

Sia - You've Changed

Sia - Buttons (CSS remix)

Zero 7 - Destiny (Feat Sia)

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