December 23, 2010

Macklemore - My Oh My (Dave Niehaus Tribute)

My musical world has been greatly lacking in Macklemore for some time now. Other than the release of Vs Redux, which was pretty sweet, it's been a while since my ears were treated to some new material. Thankfully, the drought is over. The new song, titled My Oh My is a tribute to the late Dave Niehaus who was the announcer for the Seattle Mariners from their inaugural season in '77 up until his death last November. Macklemore's delivery and lyrical content are definitely the most honest of any hip hop artist that I know, the only other artist that I can compare to him is Slug of Atmosphere. They both have the ability to tell cohesive stories through their songs which makes them incredibly interesting to listen to. Add that to Ryan Lewis' production and you're guaranteed a good song.

Macklemore - My Oh My

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