December 15, 2010

New: "Blu and Exile-Seasons"

Over my years of listening to Hip-Hop there have been many songs and albums that have come and gone, but some just embed themselves in my musical listening. One of my favorites of all time is Blu & Exile's "Below The Heavens". Although both went there different ways and produced a lot of great tracks along the way, none felt the same as those from Below the Heavens. There is nothing better than a rapper and producer who come together to create a great album. The two have joined forces once again in this video and give us hope for another Blu and Exile record in the future. The track "Seasons" features a smooth melodic beat from Exile that always fits well with Blu's insanely lyrical flow. It's not a video that will entertain you greatly but if your a huge fan of the two like me then i'm gonna assume your gonna enjoy it none-the-less.

No Greater Love- Blu and Exile

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