December 5, 2010

Some Down South Rap From T.I... Why Not?

Are  you gonna hear me listening to Wakka Flokka Flame anytime soon, No chance. Am I a fan of Southern rap, not so much...but sometimes you listen to  a song and your ears instantly force you to listen. T.I is one of those southern rappers that every once in a while puts out an absolute banger that I am compelled to listen to. "Castle Walls" comes from T.I's future CD "No Mercy" and features the always sexy Christina Aguilera. Yea the former promiscuous Christina Aguilera absolutely murders this track and proves that she's not only hot but can actually sing. I truthfully enjoyed T.I's last CD and i'm gonna assume that this one's the same if not better... some southern gangster songs, some bangers...the man goes to jail and is unfazed... good for you T.I.

The King of the South always attracts big names on his CD's and proves his title as he rips it along side T-Dot's own Drizzy Drake on "Poppin' Bottles". Straight Goods love for T.I stems from the fact that the ATL rapper has never spit a soft rap in his life...hard as nails every-time. If you had questions about whether or not T.I.P was hard or not he features one of the original gangsta's of rap Scarface on his track "How Life Changed". 

Castle Walls- T.I Featuring Christina Aguilera 

How Life Changed- T.I Featuring Scarface 

Poppin Bottles- T.I Featuring Drake 

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