December 1, 2010

Study Tunes - American Analog Set

Crunch time is upon us university students again so its time for me to find down-tempo music to listen to that won't distract my brain. I was going to do a 'study mix' but i honestly never take the time to make playlists so i gave up on that dream.

American Analog Set is a band out of Texas that has the ability to take simple guitar parts and weave them together to form some relaxing indie rock that you can play over and over again. In my high school days i used to routinely raid my older brothers (who runs the fancy-word using Living Tree which you should add to your blog list) itunes for non-radio/mainstream music and AmAnSet is the result of one of those raids. I've honestly only ever listened to one album by them, their 2001 release Know By Heart, but i've listened to it a ton. I'm sure theres lots of quality stuff on their other 5 releases but i've only really needed the one. Check out the songs below and grab some more material by them if you're in need of some new study tracks

American Analog Set - The Postman

American Analog Set - Slow Company

American Analog Set - Like Foxes Through Fences

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