December 13, 2010

"When You In The Club Get Your Ass On The Floor"- Dirty Money

Through all the name changes Diddy has gone through i've pretty much lost faith in him ever doing anything cool. There are so many good rappers out there yet Bad Boy always finds the randomly brutal ones. His new group Dirty Money is composed of two talented female singers (from Danity Kane) and sees Puff Daddy return to the mic. The track "Ass On The Floor" features super-producer Swiss Beatz using the beat from Major Lazers summer smash "Pon De Floor" and transforming into a melodic jam. Other than the fact that Diddy partly ruins the song by attempting to rap on it, the song is oddly addicting. I'm still a little mad at Diddy for ruining J.Cole's "Coming Home" but ill forgive him for now due to this catchy ass song he's given us.

Whether I'm personally a fan or not there's no denying that this song is dope...enjoy 

Diddy and Dirty Money- Ass On The Floor (produced by Swiss Beatz) 

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