December 17, 2010

Wiz Khalifa's leakin

Now that I'm finally home for the holidays and things have cooled down a little bit I'm going to start sharing some of this music thats been accumulating on my recently added. Wiz Khalifa, who has been leaking a bunch of his music recently, has been gettin that buzz ready for his newest album set to drop in early 2011. In one of his latest leaks titled Huey Newton (after co-founder of the black panthers), Wiz lights up a great sample that has been making it's rounds in the music world, in Toto's Africa. Two more leaks, called Star of the Show and Real Estate shows us that the classic, smooth, wiz flow is still strong and stickin. Finally one of the last tracks I'm going to include from Wiz isn't a new song, but a mash up by Brenton Duvall who's been talked about on here before. Duvall mixes Wiz Khalifa's This Plane and Taylor Swift's Mean, an unlikely combination that actually ends up working so well it makes you think that Taylor Gang isn't all about Chuck T's.

Wiz Khalifa - Huey Newton

Wiz Khalifa - Star of the Show

Wiz Khalifa - Real Estate

Brenton Duvall - Mean Planes & Taylor Gangs (Wiz Khalifa Feat Taylor Swift)

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