January 12, 2011

Artist Update: QuESt..."The Reason: A Defense Mechanism"

The first time I heard QuESt's lyrical talent on display was when his "How Thoughtful" Mix-tape instantly impressed me. from there he released many singles that kept me mad interested. For me, the anticipation for "The Reason" mix-tape has been out of control. Finally, QuESt gives us a pure hip-hop record. Will you be hearing any of these songs on the radio anytime soon? probably not, but when was the last time you heard a Q-Tip song on the radio? One of the best exceptions to this rule is of course Lupe Fiasco  who has mass hip-hop fans and mainstream popularity. When i listen to QuESt I hear a little Lupe in his lyricism which is nothing but a compliment. As someone who grew up listening to full albums, I will continue to pump this record and hopefully one day I will be purchasing a QuESt record.

Some songs from the mix-tape have been previously released like up-beat jam "Where Going Down" but QuESt keeps it fresh with a diverse feel to each song. You gotta wait for some songs to warm up and get going but in the end they give you some unreal lyricism.

My personal favorites are down below but go to his site for the full mix-tape: http://yesiamquest.com/blog/

QuESt- Take Off featuring Mr.Familiar 

QuESt- If You Wanna

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