January 3, 2011

To Start a New Year

I haven't been able to get a post out for a little while now due to the blackout nights and sketchy internet in Las Vegas, where I spent my christmas vacation. There was lots of time on the 10 hours of flights and layovers to get at a lot of music i've been waiting to listen to though. I've gathered a decent amount of albums from independent artists lately and it was good to have a minute or two to enjoy it all. America is pretty dope, and I picked up some knowledge on some artists while i was down there too. Even with all that music I still find myself trancing to the same songs again and again when I find one that really entertains me, so to start the next couple of posts off I'll share three songs that were buzzing my earphones the most throughout my trip.
New years resolutions... adventure more, risk more, post more.

Lem√Ętire - The Friendly Sound

Mr. Scruff - Kalimba

Amplive - Chick Pop

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