January 10, 2011

Introducing... OCD: Moosh & Twist

Mad potential for some more Philly Talent 

Coming into 2011 the staff of Straight Goods was unfortunately overcome with excitement towards the bright future... this obviously led to an influx of drinking and a dramatic decrease in blogging. Now that the week of mayhem is over I'm making my comeback by introducing a catchy young rap duo by the name of OCD: Moosh and Twist. The song that first got my attention is "City Kids" that features a sample of the always classic Journey jam "Don't Stop Believing". Despite sounding a little young both Moosh and Twist have solid flow and prove it as they rip the smooth beat on "Live It Up". With a pretty sick drum intro the track instantly turns into a jam... enjoy

City Kids- OCD:Moosh & Twist

Live It Up- OCD:Moosh & Twist

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