January 24, 2011

J.Cole Featuring B.o.B "Pass Me By"

So Life Don't Pass Me By, 
Cause Sometimes It'll Leave Ya Stuck, 
Don't Ask Me Why

J.Cole Originally released this song a while back but had Kevin Cossom singing the hook. With what is rumored to be the Album version, Cole has refined the track and thrown none other than B.o.B on the course. The original was great and with the addition of B.o.B I'm completely indifferent towards either version. Cole's last mix-tape was one of my favorite albums in the last little bit and I was crushed when I realized I missed his Toronto concert... Therefore, I will continue to enjoy this track and others in anticipation for a full length album from Mr. Cole. 

Here's both versions... decide for yourself 

Pass Me By- J.Cole Featuring B.o.B

Leave Me Alone- J.Cole Featuring Eric Cossom

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