January 27, 2011

Jessie J - "Do it like a Dude"

The female rapper segment has been growing so fast ever since artists like Nikki Minaj and pink cracked the scene a little while back. One of the most notable females that has capitalized on this style of music becoming popular is Jessie J, an English songwriter who's recently decided to make the move into singing music. This 22 year old has already made a lot of progress in her career, writing songs for Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, as well as Chris Brown in the past. Her first single, Do it like a Dude, was actually supposed to be a song for Rhianna but Jessie J stepped up and took it on herself, launching her career. B.o.B has already also jumped on board, lending his credibility to a track called Price Tag. Jessie has recently also won the BBC title of "Sound of 2011," a notorious rising talent list that I've mentioned a few times on here before. Now signed to Island Records, the same label Bob Marley was on, we can expect to hear a lot from Jessie J, starting with her album, Who You Are, due to be released on March 28th, this year.

Jessie J - Do it like a Dude

Jessie J - Price Tag (ft B.o.B)

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