January 24, 2011

New Album: Talib Kweli "Gutter Rainbows"

Talib Kweli is back in action with his new CD "Gutter Rainbows". To mix it up Kweli shies away from longtime producer Hi Tek and goes in some different instrumental directions. The album features some producers that I would never expect Talib to work with, which gives the album a different vibe. We recently posted some "Outasight" who have been making waves in under ground Hip Hop are responsible for the production and chorus on "Ain't Waiting". The title track "Gutter Rainbows" surprised me the most as the beat is done by Australian producer "M-Phazes" whose style fits well with Kweli's Blackstar flow. "Cold Rain" was previously released and is also one of my favorites on the album

The album comes out tomorrow, so go buy that shit. 

Gutter Rainbows-Talib Kweli 

Ain't Waiting- Talib Kweli 

Give this song a second and it's damn chillen  

So Low- Talib Kweli 

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