January 22, 2011

New Macklemore And Ryan Lewis "Wings"

No Bird Soars Too High,
If He Soars With His Own Wings

The expansion of rap music now-a-days has gotten out of control. From the variety of samples to the many different genres of lyricism its self, guys like Macklemore can honestly be considered modern days poets. I’m doubtful that I will ever hear Macklemore rap about gangbanging, but from start to finish of everything song listeners are taken on a lyrical adventure. "Wings" is the first single being released from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' upcoming album and is not disappointing on the lyrical or production ends. In this case Macklemore tells a story about his love affair with Nike Jordan's, which is an obsession and culture that surrounds many (me included). Thus far I have never encountered a Ryan Lewis beat I don't like, and alongside Macklemore they make for some good hip-hop. No one knows how to make an epic track like these two and as I sit here listening to this crazy instrumental, under my Michael Jordan "Wings" poster, looking at my Jordan 8's, I've come to look at Macklemore as a suburban hero for hip-hop fans. The lyrics are from the heart and the beats complex and melodic, together they paint a vivid image of the story being told... you've done it again Macklemore.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Wings

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