January 13, 2011

OLU- Jetpack Shit Featuring Sucka Free Cj and Colbie Caillat

As a blogger I enjoy the shit out of finding artists and watching as they develop. One of my favorite finds of 2010 was Olu and as we enter the new decade, I am happy to see some new dope shit from the unsigned talent. "Jetpack Shit" features Sucka Free CJ who is new to me but sick none-the-less and a manipulated Colbie Caillat sample that adds a softer element... making for some easy listening. Next up Olu uses an Aesop Rock course which I ersonally enjoy as Aesop's flow is way too hyper for my liking. Aesop has always been talented on the beat machine and Olu's flow compliments the "Daylight" beat perfectly.

Jetpack Shit- Olu featuring Sucka Free CJ and Colbie Caillat

Daylight- Olu featuring Aesop Rock

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