January 17, 2011

Shad Teams Up With Dallas Green

The unlikely combination of Shad K and fellow Canadian Dallas Green (of Alexisonfire) has finally come. I heard buzz of it a while back and was excited to see how the two could compliment each others talents. now a days most rappers tend to use electro influences in their music, but this two track combo project proves that there's still room for rock in rap. Shad's obviously got nasty flow and Dallas' voice is smooth and melodic which sounds amazing as he belts out the course for "Live Forever". I'm always down for new Shad and this tracks makes me happy to hear that the London, Ontario native is keeping it real... so sit back, relax and let Shad take ya away. 

You can buy the two song EP on Itunes  

Shad & Dallas- Live Forever 

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