January 21, 2011

Woodhands - "Remorsecapade"

Woodhands is another electro-pop duo that's been working their way into the scene, this time based out of our very own Toronto, Canada. The duo features Paul Banwatt on Drums and Dan Werb on Keytar, a great element that artists don't make use of nearly enough. Werb has said that they called the group Woodhands because they wanted to let everyone know that there was an "organic element to the ambient electronic music they were making." The duo released their third album, Remorsecapade, back in the start of 2010 and features a style of music that clarifies what Werb meant in his statement. Dissembler is my favourite song from the album, with the complicated sounds of the beat contrasting with the clear vocals very nicely. The group takes a darker approach with the song I Should Have Gone With My Friends, using a heavier beat and more intense vocals to fit the story they are telling. A song from the album that finds the middle ground for both these elements is Dancer, a great track if you give it a chance. Support local artists.

Woodhands - Dissembler

Woodhands - Dancer

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