February 20, 2011

"The Berrics Music"

Going off my last post, The Berrics is one of my favorite places to find videos with great music on the interwebs these days. The Berric's is a skatepark in California run by two pro skaters, Eric Koston & Steve Berra, and it has been the driving force behind the industry for the past couple years. This skatepark has hosted almost every pro you could think of, and the stacks of the footage they produce is all posted to TheBerrics.com for free to further the sport. The Berrics also runs features and contests, which includes my favorite part of the site YOUnited Nations. This is one of the most interesting segments, as in this contest The Berric's asks crews in the skate community to create and submit their best skate videos. After watching all of them they pick a top 15 (17 this year), and a number one is then eventually voted for by viewers. This team is then flown down to Cali to film their very own "united nations" part in The Berrics skatepark, which is then posted on the website. A contest like this can give skaters a level of exposure they never would have had in the industry, and many get linked with sponsors as a result. These homegrown clips are great to watch because it's purely amateur kids giving it their all, as this is a huge opportunity they didn't have in the past and might not have forever. When you need your video to stand out amongst the thousands of clips that The Berrics receives, it's going to need some good music to go along with it. When looking at some of the entries that made it into the top 17 this year, it can't be a coincidence that the top videos had the best music in it, can it? Have a look at some of this years entries below, including Get Tricks Crew, Giro Skate, and Dream (who won the contest this year).

Get Tricks Crew: B.o.B - Created a Monster

Dream (Contest Winner): Kid Cudi - Cudi Zone

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