February 15, 2011

Black Keys - Howlin For You Video

Congrats to the Black Keys on their Grammy for Alternative Album of the Year. 2010 was a huge year for the Black Keys and it saw them enjoy a huge jump in popularity. One thing that I've enjoyed the most about them over the past year is their awesome videos that break the cookie cutter mold of rock videos. The Tighten Up videos with their kids battling it out over a girl is funny as hell, as is the Next Girl video that features a stuffed dinosaur hanging out pool-side with a crew of beautiful women (i can't decide what's better the women or the hilarious captions that scroll across the bottom of the screen the whole video). Their third video off Brothers is for Howlin For You, which is a personal favourite, and definitely keeps up the tradition of great videos. I wonder what the budget was for this thing, seems like it had to have been huge. I would 100% go see this movie if it was real.

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