February 20, 2011

Chiddy Bang- "Baby Roulette" featuring Train

Chiddy Bang are back at it with the unique track "Baby Roulette". Apparently Xaphoon and Chiddy are pretty passionate about not getting girls pregnant, which I assume is not a quality all rappers have. The track doesn't only send a positive message but also features recent Grammy recipient's Train (yes, the hey soul sister band) on the hook which,  despite being an off combo works out for both artists. Chiddy Bang has been consistently pumping out the hits for their whole career and it doesn't sound like it's gonna stop anytime soon. The boys supply us with nasty flow from Chiddy and Xaphoon has been coming up as one of the most versatile up and coming producers in the game. So listen to Chiddy Bang, wear condoms and jam this track.

Baby Roulette- Chiddy Bang featuring Train 

1 comment:

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