February 7, 2011

Introducing: More Seattle Talent: Sol- "Kickitwitchu"

Sol first popped on my radar when I heard him on a song with one of my favorite Seattle artists, Grynch. Before a couple of years ago I had no idea anything cool came from Seattle, but artists like Blue Scholars, Common Market, Macklemore, and Grynch have made the rainy city seem like damn good times. As I sit here in snowy ass Canada, Sol has helped me evaporate the many stresses in my life as he gives us a new relaxing track called “Kickitwitchu”. For the most part all of Sol’s music provides the allusion of a summer’s day, which is apparent on his previously hidden gems of mix-tapes "Dear Friends EP" and "Dear Friends Vol. II". Together they are an unreal collection of music and I've recently been jammin' "So Damn High" on a daily basis. I’m also confident that the "Spliff Remix" should be used by Seattle’s tourism marketers as it has basically convinced me to drop off the radar and drive to Seattle. Oh and if it's time to unwind for the day enjoy the soothing instrumentals and lyrics that Sol provides on "Cruise Control". 

Shouts out to the white boy next door for attempting to preach Sol’s awesomeness as I stupidly ignored him... my bad 

Kickitwitchu- So

So Damn High- Sol

Spliff Remix-Sol Featuring Grynch, Prometheus Brown and Thig Nat
Cruise Control-Sol

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