February 5, 2011

Jaime xx Absolutely Killin It

I’m going to assume that if your visiting Straight Goods Music you know who The Xx are. I’m also going to assume that you have realized the insane production talent that Jaime xx has. Over the past little while I’ve been seeing Jaime’s name has pop up everywhere around the blogosphere. When I heard his rendition of “Rolling In Deep” Featuring Childish Gambino on P&P I couldn’t believe I almost forgot about the production mastermind that is Jaime xx. So into the blog world I traveled and out I came with some absolute jams. “Far Nearer” is an out control groovy beat that is sure to be of great assistance to us full-time students who are entering essay writing season. The steal drums, synthed out sample and Jaimes always-classic style make the song groovy as hell and the beginning kinda reminds me of a Yoshi game. 

Rolling In The Deep (Remix)- Jaime xx Featuring Childish Gambino

Far Nearer- Jaime xx
Jaime also did a collaboration with influential poet/ jazz musician Gil Scott-Heron. My favorite off the mix is “I’ll Take Care Of You” which features Heron belting out some meaningful lyrics as Jaime laying down a dope 70’s feeling retro beat that eventually turns into the grooviest thing I’ve heard in a while. Gil Scott- Heron was also featured on Kanye's song "Who Will Survive In America" which is unfortunately skipped every time I listen to "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy".  

I'll Take Care Of You- Jaime xx and Gil Scott-Heron

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