February 9, 2011

Mac Miller: Best Day Ever - "Donald Trump"

I just was about to get a few minutes of sleep in when I came across something Mac Miller posted on his facebook, and after spending the night watching White Men Can't Jump, I had to hear him out instead of going to bed. Thanks to this post I may be up a little while longer as Miller didn't just put up words, but music. Since his twitter followers have made the name of his upcoming mixtape a top trend (#bestdayever), in this post Mac leaks the first single from the release, as promised. Best day ever is scheduled to drop March 11th right after the Toronto concert we're attending, but I expect we'll be hearing more from Miller before then. Before we get ahead of ourselves enjoy the first single off of the album, Donald Trump, which features Miller going strong over a children's choir type melody. I'm hearing more of Wiz Khalifa in Miller every time I listen to him, Rostom Records material no doubt. I'm off to get my daily three hours, so until next time.

Mac Miller - Donald Trump

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