February 18, 2011

Music Makes It Happen - Snowboard Edits

Music seems to have this magical ability to be able to influence the feeling of whatever it's translated through. The adding of different kinds of music to a medium; which could be anything from a performance, a video, to even a slideshow, significantly improves the overall quality if done correctly. Specifically with video, the addition of music gives the filmer the ability to express their shot much more clearly, and I personally get much more involved in a movie when the music is on point. A lot of my musical influences actually end up coming from places like this, such as from snowboarding movies, where there is little talk and lots of action to put music to. Depending on what direction the riders want to go with their shot, choosing their part's song is the most important decision that they will have to make, and a lot of thought gets put into this. All this means is the music found in these types of videos is usually awesome. Also for the professional, it becomes sort of a big thing to be the only/first snowboarder to use a song in a video, which means exposure to music that I never would have known existed otherwise. After finding a video and song that really connects, when I hear the music without any visuals, it's irresistible for me to recreate them in my head as the song doesn't seem whole without it. Browse a couple of the videos posted below. Find music everywhere.

Band of Skulls - Fire (Vindata Remix)

The Human League - Don't You Want Me

The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

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