February 1, 2011

New Lupe: Words I Never Said

Lupe gettin political. Lupe's lyrical talent is unique. He can take rap to a different level in his ability to talk about real shit. Whether it's child soldiers in Africa, or the sinking economy, Lupe's not one to hold back his opinion. Words I Never Said is the second single off his upcoming album Laser said to be released March 8th. I like the feel to this track. Skyler Gray belts out a catchy hook. And Lupe does more than just preach political opinion. Alex da Kid produces a booming beat to match Lupe's provocative lyrics. Lasers has big shoes to fill when it comes to pleasing long-time Lupe fans. But I have high hopes.

Lupe Fiasco ft Skylar Grey- Words I Never Said

Lupe throwback (off The Cool):

Lupe Fiasco- Little Weapon

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