February 17, 2011

New Olu Mix-Tape- Boys and Girls

Ok so i'm a little late on this valentines bull ish but its better late than never right? Cleveland rapper Olu has given us some new tunes with his v-day themed mix-tape Boys and Girls. The tape features previous Straight Goods post "Jet Pack Shit" which is probably my favorite of Olu's short career thus far. As this is a valentines-ish mix-tape your obviously not gonna here any hard hitting beats, but Olu lyrically kills it on his version of "Sex Therapy". My favorite part of the mix-tape has to be Olu's poetic lyricism on "Beautiful Darkness" which is laced over the soothing piano beat from Kanye's "Blame Game". As a bonus beat Olu uses a Micheal Buble sample that I can't wait to here rap over but am not a fan of the high pitched voice(hope he fixes that up). The mix-tape is available for free download here... enjoy

Sex Therapy- Olu 
Beautiful Darkness- Olu 
Haven't met her yet- Olu 

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