February 22, 2011

New Sam Adams: "Letter To The Lost" featuring Christina Perri

I usually don't do an extreme amount of research on musicians I blog, but my random adventures through the blogosphere have led me to some unforeseen info on Boston rapper Sam Adams. Apparently the 21 year old rapper received a soccer scholarship to Trinity College where he goes to school and captains their soccer team. As someone who "helps" in running a somewhat legitimate music blog, attends university, and plays a sport at university I am astonished at Sam's ability to maintain a rap career. Meanwhile, I can barely hold down a job as Sam rocks around campus like a suburban gangsta, hustlin' music while slide tackling bros...Well Sam, I got your back hommie.  Back in action with his new track "Letter To The Lost" the college rapper spits his simple but addicting flow over Christina Perri's track "Jar of Hearts". Sam does well to not over power the already unbelievable song which works well with the sexy voice of Christina Perri... enjoy 

Sam Adams- Letter To The Lost

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