March 17, 2011

The Heavy - "Short Change Hero"

First off, happy St Patrick's day everybody, I hope you all have your couches out on the front lawn and are gettin' into a few to enjoy the holiday. I'm going to try to get a couple posts out before the celebrations really start to take over, but if I don't follow through or I start to not make sense it's really St Patrick's fault not mine. I'm going to start the music just how I started my day, with The Heavy, an indie rock band out of the UK that peaked my interest after I heard them in the background of a few videos I was stumbling through. The Heavy isn't a typical indie band though (if there is such a thing), and they come with a soul inspired style that adds a level of clarity to the raw guitar sound that's usually associated with this genre. The group brings an epic sound, not hurrying into anything with their track Short Change Hero, a song off their last album The House That Dirt Built (2009). Start your listening there, or with How You Like Me Now, another great track by the group.

The Heavy - Short Change Hero

The Heavy - How You Like Me Now?

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