March 12, 2011

Introducing: Tayyib Ali "Keystone State of Mind"

No I did not mistakingly misspell Talib Kweli... the names Tayyib Ali and he's a teen rapper from Philly with some nasty flow. A old friend of mine recently sent me his most recent track "Keystone State of Mind" which puts his lyrical talent on a pedestal as he rips the smooth How To Make It In Americaish beat. As I sit trapped in the hell they call the library I wish I could have a "Keystone State of Mind", better yet a Keystone or 7 in my belly. I hear a little immaturity in his rhymes but when I was 18 I couldn't make KD, so let the kid mature. The fact that he's a young rapper who's not rapping about getting drunk and high is pretty refreshing in hip-hop's current state of "Frat Rap" (not that I don't enjoy it). Thanks to Fabs Disorono out in Guelph for introducing the unreal talent that is Tayyib Ali.

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