March 5, 2011

Intuition - I Ruined These Songs For You Too

Remember in my last Intuition post when I said it had been a while since we'd heard much from him? Apparently we're about to get a whole lot more music from the MC in the form of a new remix project titled I Ruined These Songs For You Too. Last time Intuition went off "ruining songs" things worked out pretty damn well so I'm pumped for this to come out. To satisfy your hunger he's released 3 songs off the project. His remix of BTSTU (by Jai Paul) is unreal, the same can be said for his take on When I'm Small. I know I just posted something with that song but it's too good to skip. The third song, which I've never heard of before is by Jessica Lea Mayfield (who I'm not even going to pretend like I know anything about) and is the kind of change of pace I've come to expect from Intuition. Anybody else find he reminds you of Slug?? Could be because the first time I heard him was on a song with slug but I think its more than that. Get all three from Intuition's bandcamp here

 BTSTU - Jai Paul (Feat. Intuition)

He also put out this teaser video for his verse on When I'm Small

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