March 20, 2011

Kidz In the Hall- Brain Candy Series X Canadian Tour

"You gotta understand, we ain't here to preach this school shit to ya'll
Just trying to let you know that there's some options
You can't be afraid of what else is out there 
Gotta see passed the corner, see passed you hood 
Experience life"

For years i've been waiting for the Kidz in the Hall to blow up into the mainstream. Unfortunately, as I grew and started my journey through university I realized that their knowledgeable lyrics and simplistic hip-hop beats were not the catchiest of combinations... But, as much as I would like to see them succeed ,the fact that they've maintained the same old recipe for some great hip-hop makes them successful enough. They have recently jumped on this bandwagon of releasing music in a series of leaks on a weekly basis. Their "Brain Candy Series" supplies us with the always unique production from Double O and of course the stimulating lyricism of Naledge. I'm never gonna claim that The Kidz In the Hall are for everyone but, as an "academic" it's refreshing to hear artists that rep the grind of education and explain to listeners that college isn't all booze and bitches. Although I do love the party anthems(and booze and bitches), as some of us dwindle towards real life responsibility it's dope to be able to listen to rap that promotes you to master that book learnin' business. The newness from the boys mixes their classic sound and adds some up and coming talent to "Dream On" with Curt@!ns and Curren$y on "Pledge Allegiance to the Dope". Not to mention the fact that they are going on a Canadian tour with Classified. See you in Brantford

This world, it's a game 
and we gotta be prepared 
Gotta train yourself 
to play in the field 
and thats what school provides for me
(Day by Day 5:15)

Kidz in the Hall- Pledge Allegiance to the Dope

Kidz in the Hall- Dream On 

And one of my personal favorites 
Kidz in the Hall- Day by Day 

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