March 27, 2011

Musical March Madness

There's been some crazy shit going on this month. Between the mass amounts of book learning and  never ending basketball, I have unfortunately missed blogging some dope tracks. One song that has been an Itunes go to for the last little while is OCD: Moosh and Twist's "Black Forest Gummy Worms".  I'm 100% addicted to the Nina Simone sample and the philly boys don't disappoint on the lyrical end. Their mix-tape "Up Before The World" came out a couple of weeks ago and I've heard nothing but good things.

OCD: Moosh and Twist-Black Forest Gummy Worms

As J.Cole continues to gain popularity, he has started to use his passionate beats and rhymes to get people excited for a potential album from the Jay-Z prodigy. Cole has the unbelievable ability to force listeners to lose themselves in the lyrical story he is trying to tell.  "The Good Son Pt. 1" is just a short snippet, but I'm hopeful that we will get the full track soon enough (hopefully with 14-16 tracks accompanying it).

J. Cole- The Good Son Pt.1 (Snippet)

At one point I had a lot of faith that the Cali duo U-N-I were gonna make major moves in hip-hop. Although I haven't heard much since their unreal release of "Land of the Kings", I was pleasantly surprised to hear Yonas Michael go at it on his own. With only one rapper on the track I feel like Yonas is is able to strut  his individual creativity on "Blinded". Adding to the overall vibe of the track Yonas is joined by singer Little Dragon whose got a unique style/sound, and one of the craziests videos i've seen in a while for her track "Twice".

Yonas Michael- Blinded 

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