March 3, 2011

SonReal- "Where's Waldo Mix-Tape"


                        "Got that slow flow callin' me the West coast Drizzy 
                              With a swag like Cudi and grind like Diddy 
                                              Motha flocka i'm ill"

Sometimes life throws some crazy shit your way, and thats been the definition of my week thus far. but last night I got to enjoy the Awesomeness of Mac Miller live in Toronto and for the last couple days I've had the luxury of jamming some brand new SonReal. Whenever I get some new music from the Canadian rapper all those responsibles seem to take a back seat. When I saw the teaser video for this mix-tape, I was nothing but jacked up. The video featured a snippet of the intro track "Showtime" that has SonReal spit one of the most stellar intro lines to an album i've heard in a while. With any SonReal album there's going to be some drake-esk singing but Van cities own does not disappoint on the hook by any means. My personal favorites from the tape so far  "#1 Fan"and "Clap For Me" but you guys can choose your own...

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