April 3, 2011

AmpLive - "Murder at the Discotech"

Am I using this new AmpLive album as an excuse to post more music from a mixtape we already featured last year? Maybe, but one of the best tracks off the tape (Gary is a Robot) is being re-released as the single for the new ep, and I think it's a good enough excuse so I'm going to do it anyway. AmpLive's new album that's coming out on the 16th, titled Murder at the Discotech, is an album that he says, "is aimed at both Zion I fans, and new ones if they want to come along". AmpLive has a very eclectic taste in the music he produces, and if you try to research what his style actually is you'll find that his studio has him listed under 16 different genres... from hiphop/soul/electro/disco/techno/funk the list goes on, you can't put a label on the guy. This kind of artist really keeps my interest because of this unpredictability, but realistically not all of his music isn't going to fit your preference. When a song from an artist like this does though, it always tends to stick on my playlists, just because of the fact it's so unique. ESPN's picked up on AmpLive as well, and have been using his beats in their highlight reels for some time now. This album is filled with appearances from a number of artists, and one of the leading songs Hot Right Now, features half the rap industry pretty much. I don't think I've skipped a track off his RainyDayz mixtape ever since I downloaded it last year though, so I thought I might as well share a couple gems from that might of passed you by as well. I already posted the track Chick Pop from it a while back, which was also re-released on the new album, but there's two more tracks that have gotten a hold of my ears as of late. The RainyDayz Remixes, Weird Fishez and Gary is a Robot definitely both fit into this eclectic music genre I'm talking about, so try them on for size and see how they feel. Can't be afraid to go for the mystery box every now and then.

AmpLive - Gary is a Robot (Re-released as the single for Murder at the Discotech):

AmpLive - Hot Right Now (Feat. Eligh, Fashawn, Grouch, Mickey Factz, Myka Nyne, Yak Ballz, Zumbi):

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