April 2, 2011

G-Eazy- "The Outsider" Mix-Tape

snows melting, sun is shining, and before I enter the library for the rest of my weekend I'm gonna thoroughly enjoy bumping some new G-Eazy on my walk to school. The new mix-tape features two of my favorite oldies "Waspy" and "My Life Is a Party" but also adds some absolute jams to the mix. As I write this blog and try to decide which songs are best, the amount of talent on "The Outsider" has got me legitimately torn. Despite his whiteness and corny name, the kid has got a unique sound and lyrical abilities that let him spit on a wide variety of beats. The substance of the lyrics is obviously not driven by any thing other than some Mary J and liquor sauce but thats what separates rap from any other genre. Rappers either tell a story of the life they wanna live or like G-Eazy give us a little insight into the Dream life their currently experiencing. To some, the antics of this youngen may seem irresponsible but when I go to have a brew on the porch I wanna escape into the relaxation presented on "The Outsider" mix-tape.

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