April 19, 2011

Introducing: Spree Wilson "The Never Ending Now"

We're at the tail end here folks, summer living is around the corner and I'm looking forward to some much needed chill times. Naturally as I attempt to study for my last exam I constantly end up procrastinating by traveling into the wonderful blogosphere. Today in my inter-web finds is singer/ rapper Spree Wilson. His rap style reminds be of a young B.o.B minus the H.A.M (Hard As a Muha) southern accent. My favorite track from his mix-tape "The Never Ending Now" is "Transition" which is one of the only tracks that features his smooth lyrical talent. Other than that this Spree Wilson character gives us some amazing vocals and beats that have instantly stinted my productivity and forced a craving for Pabst Blue and sunshine. The up beat jazz feeling "No Use in Running" has got me jamming the hell out of this tiny study room and to accompany these jams the mix-tape supplies some sick vocal abilities as Spree is accompanied by Canadian songstress Esthero. The combo results in an intoxicatingly relaxing track... so enough with the book learning and relax a bit

Spree Wilson- Transition Featuring Novel

Spree Wilson- No Use in Running

Spree Wilson- Don't Pass Me By Featuring Esthero

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