April 11, 2011

Notorious B.I.G. Big L, Big Pun - "New York Royalty"

 As I post music that's been shared with me recently I instantly think of a mixtape that a buddy of mine showed me a few years back that's been able to stay as a staple in my collection. This throwback mixtape, New York Royalty, doesn't have much coverage on the internet, but it is not one that should be missed by any serious hip-hop head. The post humorous reproduction by The Usual Suspect offers a collaboration of the works of Big L, Big Pun, and Notorious B.I.G when they were in their prime, and the combination gives us a glimpse of what could have went down if the rap industry wasn't so hard in the 90's. This concept was actually meant to be created into an album by the artists themselves, but due to certain career ending events in the lives of Biggy and Big L it never saw the light of day. This tape gives us some new production to hear who the real kings of New York are though, and i'd start my listening at New York Royalty, Too High, or Everyday Struggle and go from there.

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