April 11, 2011

Brenton Duvall - Blow the Skrilla (feat. Too $hort, Skrillex sample)


A good friend of mine recently shared the new Brenton Duvall mashup with me, Blow the Skrilla, and the sample in it really got a hold of me for some reason. Duvall has always had a great choice in the songs he mashes together, and this song in particular made me really respect the kids decisions. The mashup features Too $hort rapping over a sample that sounded really familiar to me, even though I had never heard the song before. I tracked the sample down and found that the original song by Skrillex, With You, Friends, is even more of a banger than Duvall's version. Putting this on when you have people over will effectively change it from a hangout to jam every time... so be careful around this track if you don't want things to get out of hand.

Brenton Duvall – Blow the Skrilla (Feat. Too $hort):

Skrillex – With You, Friends (Long Drive):

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