April 10, 2011

A Thank You Gift From Shad - Give You All I Can

Hope that study mix is treating you guys well, sorry about the technical difficulties on the playlist. I've been trying to fix it but I've got an exam tomorrow and I'm not that skilled of an internetizer to start with.

Our love for Ontario's own Shad is pretty well documented on SG (use the search bar on the right if you don't know what I'm talking about), so it's not like I'm going to do some kind of review of his music. Instead, I'll let Shad do the talking:

It's 6am and the end of a wild weekend that started with a blog post for the Vancouver Sun that got printed as an op-ed piece and then got Facebooked and Twittered around enough to become a major point of conversation between Jian Ghomeshi and I on his show Q. I played 'Live Forever' with the super dope Dallas Green for the first time, and I rocked out to ''Rose Garden' and 'We, Myself, and I' live on Much Music. That was Thursday/Friday... On Saturday, very surprisingly and somewhat ironically, I won a Juno. perhaps also worth noting is the fact that i referenced Theo's friend Cockroach in the ensuing speech I met some of my musical heroes, toasted with colleagues, and was flooded with emails and txt msgs from most of my favourite people in the world, among other fun, joyous things. I figure you guys got me here, so voila a little thank you for the love and cheers to a successful weekend... new joint - beat courtesy of my man Skratch Bastid.

Shad - Give You All I Can

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