May 13, 2011

Boostin for the Sake of the Little Guy

Here at SG music we get a lot of tracks sent to us through our email ( and we do our best to keep on top of them and post our picks. Lately we've been getting a ton of music submissions from a variety of artists though, so I'm going to attempt to give a few of them the shine they deserve before their tracks get outdated. If you want to find out more about these artists, you got to keep your head up because most of them don't have much set up at all to follow up their music. This post is going to focus purely around hiphop as thats the majority of what we've been getting sent, but don't get it confused, we like all kinds of music here at SG.

First up is Damani Dorsey, an artist who claims that he's got a unique sound from every other Philly artist out there. This is true, and when you hear his smooth flow that catches his production perfectly, it's easy to tell he's not making this up. Damani has already picked up some experience on the scene already, recently opening up for Wale at Cheyney University, and he's working on releasing his new mixtape titled Story of our Lives some time during the summer months. Check PSA coming off that mixtape, and get a feel for what Philly can bring.

Next on the list is the Sleeping Giants, a duo out of Virginia. This group that caught my attention with their sample of Florence and the Machine's Howl. I'm a sucker for a good sample when it's used correctly, and these guys speed it up, and let it play out during the bridge, not the chorus, which is a tight find for their style of rap. Made up of Jay Onwuka and Mike Gibbs, Sleeping Giant is looking to break into the industry quick while their still young (17). If they keep following clean samples like this they've got a future to find for sure.

Sleeping Giants - Beast

Finally the last rapper I'm going to cover in this post is Uno Hype, another young kid at the age of 17. This time out of Maryland, Uno Hype's tracks were sent over to me by a rep from Bombay Knox, his mgmt company, which exposed me to his Gangstarr, lean back style. The production done by Jay Card sets the scene for this kid to go off, and it's looking like this is another artist to watch in the ever evolving rap scene. Check his latest single, CB4, off his sophomore mixtape, From the Ground Up, which is set to drop sometime in the near future.

Uno Hype - CB4

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